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Process Comic


Nonnarrative or noncomics?
(with some notes on Holz by Olivier Deprez and Roby Comblain)


Waiting (2018) for the ›Good Life‹ with Adriana Lozano


Beyond the Chronotope
De-narrativization in Graphic Trauma Narratives (1980-2018)


Comics, Non-Narrativity, Non-Eventfulness: Three Examples From Brazil


Im Grenzbereich der Körperlichkeit

Offener Themenbereich


Graphic Storytelling
Teaching Experience and Utility


Never Judge a Book by Its Cover?
Picturing the Interculturally Challenged Self in the Japanese Journals of European Comics Artists Dirk Schwieger, Inga Steinmetz, and Igort


Rhetoric of Images
Emblematic Structures and Craig Thompson’s Habibi