Editorial Staff

Cord-Christian Casper

Cord-Christian Casper studied English and German Literature at Cambridge University and Kiel University. After the completion of his doctoral project on anarchism in early English modernism, he is now a research associate at the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (Essen). His post-doc project focusses on literary temporalities and eco-poetics; further research areas include contemporary long novels, text-image-relations, modernist language theory, and New Materialisms of all stripes.
Publications (Selection): »The Fourth Dimension and Impossible Knowledge in Edwardian Speculative Fiction.« Literature and Knowledge. Bern: Lang, 2018.; »The hard, definite, personal word – Ordnung in frühmodernistischer Sprachphilosophie.« Patterns of Disorder: Beiträge zur Kulturgeschichte der Un/ordnung. Berlin and Münster: LIT, 2017.

Constanze Groth

Constanze Groth is studying art history and german in the Master's programme at Kiel University. She came across CLOSURE through the interdisciplinary project seminar ›The Comic as an Object of Research‹in which she gained scientific insights into comic literature. Since then she has worked as an integral part of the team.

Kerstin Howaldt

Kerstin Howaldt studied English Philology, Romance Philology, and German Literary and Media Studies at the University of Kiel. In 2021, she completed her PhD at the University of Erfurt with a thesis titled "Theatrical Event-Machines. Encounters between Theatre and Theory in British Farce from the 1960s to the 1980s." Further research areas include contemporary climate-change theatre, New Materialism, and multi-narratives.
Publications (Selection): »›...Only One Story to Tell?‹ The Practice of Annotation in Julian Barnes's The Only Story.« In: Multi-Narratives, LWU 2 (2022). Eds. Liz Bahs, Corinne Bancroft and André Schwarck (forthcoming);  »›The Waiting must end.‹ Waiting for Impossible Events in Dave Eggers's A Hologram for the King.« In: Timescapes of Waiting. Spaces of Stasis, Delay and Defferal. Eds. Christoph Singer, Robert Wirth and Olaf Berwald (Leiden: Brill, 2019) p.108–124.

Sarah Jawaid

Sarah Jawaid studies Art History and Media Studies: Film and Television at Kiel University. She is currently doing her master's degree and works as a research assistant at the Art History Department. She joined CLOSURE in 2022 due to her personal interest in comics.
Already in her bachelor thesis Gaming Experiences on the Edge of the Narrative. The Virtual World of the Video Game Abzû she explored visual narration. Her research interests include Game Studies, visual storytelling, diversity, sound in AV media, film and media aesthetics.
Contact: sarah.jawaid[@]outlook.de

Dorothee Marx, née Schneider

Dorothee Marx studied English and American Literatures Cultures and Media at Kiel University. She is currently employed as a research associate and lecturer at the chair of American Studies at Kiel University. Her PhD project is titled Bodies Irregular. Temporalities of Dis/ability in Contemporary North American Literature and examines the life narratives of traumatized, disabled or chronically ill characters in comics and novels. She is the first recipient of the Martin Schüwer Publication Award for Excellence in Comic Studies for her article The ›Affected Scholar‹. Reading Raina Telgemeier’s Ghosts as a Disability Scholar and Cystic Fibrosis-Patient that appeared in CLOSURE in 2018.
Contact: marx[@]anglistik.uni-kiel.de

Susanne Schwertfeger

Susanne Schwertfeger currently works as a research associate and lecturer at the department of Art History at Kiel University, mainly teaching 20th and 21st century art, after previously studying History of Art, pre- and early history, classical archeology and ancient history at the university. In her postdoctoral thesis project, she is investigating visualization concepts of the Gothic Novel. Her other main areas of interest include post-1945 art, contemporary ceramics, photography and illustration.
Publications (Selection): 46 Kunstobjekte im öffentlichen Raum der Stadt Norderstedt (Kunst im öffentlichen Raum in Schleswig-Holstein, Bd. 1), hg. v. K.G. Beuckers und dem Kunsthistorischen Institut der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, bearbeitet von Susanne Schwertfeger, Kiel 2022; Konkretes Leuchten. Zu den Neonarbeiten von Ferdinand Kriwet. In: Ferdinand Kriwet. Visuelle Poesie und ihre Medialität. Tagungsband Kiel, K.G. Beuckers, H.-E. Friedrich (eds.), München: Edition text + kritik 2019, p. 75-85; »No spoilers, please«: The crux of illustrating the explained Gothic without explaining the mystery, in: Studies in Horror and the Gothic. Thematic collection of Palgrave Communications 3, Dr. John Edgar Browning (ed.), 2017.
Contact: schwertfeger[@]kunstgeschichte.uni-kiel.de

Dennis Wegner

Dennis Wegner studied German, English and Russian in Kiel and Irkutsk. He finished his degree in 2017 with a master's thesis on queer reading of zombies in television and film. Dennis received a Fulbright Scholarship and worked as a Foreign Language Teaching Assistant at Dartmouth College. He started a PhD in German literature at Cornell University in 2019. Dennis is interested in comics pedagogy, queer theory, and migration literature.

Editorial Assistance

Victoria Allen

Victoria Allen studied English Literature and Cultural Studies and Gender Studies at the University of Basel and Modern and Contemporary Studies at the University of Newcastle. Since June 2016, she has been working as a research associate in Media and Cultural Studies in the English Department of Kiel University. She is currently working towards her PhD on contemporary cultural representation and reception of Northernness in North-East England. In her dissertation project she combines her research interests in Cultural Studies, popular culture and qualitative research methods. In this regard, she is currently working on practices of cultural representation in football, folk/indie music and exhibition cultures.
Contact: allen[@]anglistik.uni-kiel.de

Garret Scally

Garret Scally is a theatre practitioner-researcher who uses theatre in educational settings for additional language development. Garret has just completed his doctoral studies on the Professional Doctorate in Applied Theatre (Applied Theatre PhD) programme at the University of Manchester. His research interests include devised theatre, applied theatre, breath and voice work, performative teaching and pedagogical approaches, including the teaching and learning of additional languages through theatre.

Alina Schoppe

Alina Schoppe studies Art History and Media Studies in the Masterprogram at Kiel University. Her research interests include photography, feminism, self-portraiture and digital art. She works at CLOSURE since the summer of 2019.

Rosa Wohlers

Rosa Wohlers studied French and Spanish philology as well as German and was awarded a doctorate in 2015 from Kiel University with a dissertation on the concept of alterity and subject in French contemporary prose (JMG Le Clézio). After working for several years in the editorial department of Wachholtz Verlag (Kiel / Hamburg) she is since fall 2019 a member of the Editorial Staff Comic of Carlsen Verlag (Hamburg).
Publications (Selection): Kalimán – el hombre increíble – construcción de una ficción alternativa. In: Historias e historietas: representaciones de la historia en el cómic latinoamericano actual (K. Carrillo Zeiter u. C. Müller, Frankfurt a. M. 2018), »Qu’étais-je donc?« - Devianzerfahrung und Subjektkonstruktion in Moi, l’interdite, Ananda Devi. In: Pluraler Humanismus (Hg. G. Febel, N. Ueckmann, Wiesbaden 2018), Zur Darstellung und Konzeption von Alterität und Subjekt im Romanwerk von J.-M. G. Le Clézio (Tübingen 2016).
Contact: rosawohlers[@]yahoo.de

Technical Support

Sandro Esquivel

Sandro Esquivel studied computer science and media education at Kiel University and completed his PhD in computer vision in 2015. Since 2017, he has been employed as a permanent staff member at the department of computer science with focus on teaching activities. For CLOSURE, he takes care of the technical aspects of the online journal and supports the team in maintaining the internet presence.
Contact: sae[@]informatik.uni-kiel.de

Former Editorial Members

Chris Ullrich Cochanski

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Julia Ingold

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