Kiel Comic Conference 2016
»Beginnings and Renewals in Comics«

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On your marks! More than any other narrative field, graphic storytelling is determined by beginnings. Case in point: 2012 saw the newest in a long line of reboots, as DC comics renumbered and restarted its series and its universe. It is not just the context of serial superhero stories, however, that is characterized by â€șbeginningsâ€č and â€șrenewalsâ€č – any historical perspective requires both comics and comics studies to re-examine the question of beginnings.

The conference, held on September 9-11, 2016 in Kiel, Germany, will focus on the themes of â€șbeginningâ€č and â€șrenewalâ€č in comics, seeking a wide range of interdisciplinary approaches to the question of what constitutes a new start in comics and for comics. This includes â€șbeginningâ€č as a formal device as well as related inquiries into the narratological, stylistic and theoretical implications of beginnings within the structure of comics. Further approaches include the question of beginnings of the medium, its discourses and the study of comics. Last but not least: â€șbeginningsâ€č, â€șrenewalsâ€č and â€șfresh startsâ€č will also be analyzed as themes and motifs.

Attending the conference is free of charge and open to the public. Lectures will be given partly in English and partly in German (marked with EN and DE).

Conference Venues

Opening of the conference on Friday will take place at the Kunsthalle zu Kiel, DĂŒsternbrooker Weg 1. The registration desk opens at 17:30 h. Registration prior to the conference is not necessary. Show map

The main conference on Saturday/Sunday will take place at Kiel University, Leibnizstraße 1 (to site plan). The lectures will be held in lecture room 204 on the 3rd floor. Show map

Arrival by bus: From the main station, take bus lines 61/62 (destination »Suchs­dorf«/»Projens­dorf«) or 50, 81 (destination »Bota­nischer Garten«) and leave at stop »Leibniz­straße« or »UniversitĂ€ts­biblio­thek« to arrive at the main conference venue. To arrive at the Kunsthalle, take bus lines 41/42 (destination »Tannen­berg«/»Suchs­dorf«) from the main station and leave at stop »Kunsthalle«. See also the KVG website for timetables and route maps.


Location: Kunsthalle zu Kiel, DĂŒsternbrooker Weg 1, 24105 Kiel

Friday, 09 Sep 2016  
17:30–18:15 h Registration
18:30–19:30 h Welcome and Reception
20:00–21:30 h Comic Reading at the Kunsthalle Details

Location: Kiel University, Leibnizstraße 1 (room 204), 24118 Kiel
Short-term programme changes are marked with UPDATE (hover for further information).

Saturday, 10 Sep 2016  
09:15–09:45 h Conference Opening and Short Introduction
Panel 1
09:45–10:30 h Joachim Jordan (Berlin, Germany): DE Abstract
The Sleepless Nights of Major Stefanov. Uncertain, Endless Beginnings in the Bulgarian Comic of the Eighties.
10:30–11:15 h Carmela Artime Omil (Barcelona, Spain): EN Abstract
Claiming Truth: Beginnings in Spanish Graphic Novels on the Civil War (2005-2015)
11:15–11:30 h Break
Panel 2
11:30–12:15 h Paul M. Malone (Waterloo, Canada): EN Abstract
Werbecomics at the Beginning of German Comics
12:15–13:00 h Camilla Murgia (Geneva, Switzerland): EN Abstract
Speech Balloons, Bubbles and Captions: the Rise of Narrative in 18th-Century British Comics
13:00–14:00 h Lunch Break
Panel 3
14:00–14:45 h Janek Scholz (Aachen, Germany): DE Abstract
Game Over and Reset. Serial Reboots in Daytripper by FĂĄbio Moon and Gabriel BĂĄ
14:45–15:30 h David Turgay (Wörth, Germany): EN Abstract
First Page, First Issue, New Volume: Starting a Character Again and Again
15:30–16:15 h Annina Klappert (Erfurt, Germany): DE Abstract
Anders anfangen. Building Stories von Chris Ware
16:15–16:45 h Break
16:45–17:45 h Keynote: Silke Horstkotte (Warwick, UK): EN UPDATE
New Text, New World: Peer Meter’s Serial Killer Trilogy
17:45–18:15 h Break
18:30–open end Conference Dinner
Sunday, 11 Sep 2016  
Panel 4 UPDATE
09:30–10:15 h Bettina Egger (Salzburg, Austria): DE Abstract
Aesthetics of Polemics: L’Association and the Transformation of the Comic Book in the 1990s
10:15–11:00 h Pascal Lefùvre (Brussels, Belgium): EN Abstract
Publication Format and Beginnings
11:00–11:15 h Break
Panel 5 UPDATE
11:15–12:00 h Lukas R. A. Wilde (TĂŒbingen, Germany): DE Abstract
On the Contemporary â€șMangaizationâ€č of Japanese Public Spaces: the Base-Narrativity of Manga-Pictoriality
12:00–12:45 h Jasmin Böschen (Hamburg, Germany): DE Abstract
Renewal in Research? Comic as Initiator for Visual Education
12:45–13:15 h Break
13:15–14:00 h Closing Discussion
14:00 h Farewell


For further information, such as hotel recommen­dations or detailed directions, please contact us using the email address closure[@] or the following postal address:

Kiel Comic Conference 2016
c/o Dr. Susanne Schwertfeger
Kunsthistorisches Institut
Olshausenstraße 40
24118 Kiel, Germany


This conference would not have been possible without the support of the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Graduate Center of Kiel University, and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation.
Special thanks are due to Marleen Krallmann and Nora Grunwald for creating the illustrations, and to bookstore Zapata in Kiel for providing the books for sale at the conference.
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