Cover Artist: stef lenk

Current Issue:
CLOSURE #7.5 (July 2021)

The variety of auto(biographical), documentary and fictional comics, some of which have won prestigious awards, proves that there is basically nothing that cannot (also) be depicted or imagined in comics. Accordingly, the field encompasses: humorous strips; reflections on genocide and refugee experiences; adolescents’ search for identity and the exploration of family secrets and sexuality; the critical depiction of geopolitical conflicts; the design of fantastic worlds; and ›realistic‹ confrontations with the nadirs of the quotidian. What almost all comics have in common is that they depict their protagonists in specific bodies: we encounter drawn or painted, and thus constructed bodies, even if they emphasize their ›madeness‹ to varying degrees. Please read on

Call for Papers – CLOSURE: Kiel University e-Journal for Comics Studies #9
Thematic Section: »Being Old – or Doing Age? Sketching Age in Comics«

At the end of autumn in 2022, the e-journal CLOSURE once again offers a forum for all facets of comic research. Whether detailed analysis, comic theory or innovative new approaches – our open section welcomes a diverse range of interdisciplinary studies of all things ›comics‹. For our thematic section we look forward to submissions that examine the very different aspects of the phenomenon of age in comics. You can find the cfp here.